Comptalo - "nobody"

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Comptalo again.  We mixed in a nice VHS feel on this video to give the vintage look to match the sampling of the music. Interested in getting a retro feel on your next video?  Please feel free to contact us! 

Rocket Steadman - "Clouded Vision"

New from Rocket Steadman!  "Clouded Vision" is a fun song and video the whole family can enjoy.  It was a blast filming and directing this project.  Be sure to check out their facebook ( and YouTube!  

Directed and Filmed by 

Gavin Donnelly

Lighting Assistant 

Diana Freydig

Comptalo - "ffokcuf"

New from Comptalo: "FFOKCUF"

Check out this hip hop jam filmed in Downtown Phoenix, AZ.  New album available now on all platforms!

Directed by Gavin Donnelly of Soundphoria

Miles to Nowhere - "Waiting"

Check out "Waiting" by Miles to Nowhere!  Directed and produced by Gavin Donnelly of Soundphoria, its a galaxy punk journey back home where your music and friends are.  Have a story you want to tell?  Soundphoria can help you bring it to life!

Candy laprie - "loyalty"

Here's the latest single, "Loyalty" by Candy Laprie!  We had a blast filming in Tempe, Arizona bringing together a mix of the desert landscape with the cityscape sunset to match the mood of the song.  Produced and edited by Soundphoria and with Red/Black films as the director of photography.  Have a vision of your song's video that you'd like to bring out?  Let us know!

Moon Haven - "Least Resistance"

Check out this recent video produced by Soundphoria with Red/Black Films for Phoenix, AZ prog-metal band, Moon Haven!

Defiant Machine - "My Own God"

It was an honor and a pleasure to direct and produce the newest single from Phoenix metal band Defiant Machine.  Filmed on location in downtown Phoenix and north Phoenix, we were able to bring out the band's story visually.  Check out the video and see the twist at the end!

Critical Miss - "Crazy from You"

I'll be honest, this video was just a lot of fun to film.  We had met with Critical Miss and planned out the storyline and managed to make a mini-movie in the process.  The juxtaposition of the sweet upbeat music with the campy 80s slasher film genre made for a fun experience.  

Looking to bring out your storyline?  Let us know!