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Soundphoria Media and Entertainment is dedicated to delivering a quality,  affordable, innovative product with the client's vision as our top priority.

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Our team of videographers, graphic designers and photographers will accommodate to your group's video needs.

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We work with bands, independent artists, both small and large businesses, non-profit organizations and many more!

Video Services

Music Video Production

We pride ourselves in our ability to engage our client's visions for their music by bringing to life the visual side of their art.  Our testimonials from past clients shows a track record of superb client satisfaction. 

Concert Video Production

Have that big show coming up at the Marquee Theatre?  

Maybe the Van Buren downtown? A concert at the Kiwanis park?

Come to Soundphoria.  We can get your concert memorialized in front of that large crowd that takes your music video production to the next level.

Lyric Video Production

Do you have a new single that your band is dropping and you want your audience to connect deeper with not just the rhythm, but the words themselves?  Our team will work hard to build your lyric video unique to your music and lyrical content.


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