The Ellusive Furs - "Freedom"

This is such an awesome song.  The Ellusive Furs had asked us to put together a psychedelic interpretation of their song.  It was such a pleasure working together to bring out the visual aspects of the bright guitar solos, the hard hitting rhythms and the overall melody of their latest single: "Freedom".  Check it out!

Sagtikos - "Walls"

This one was fun to create in particular because I am the drummer in this band.  I really wanted to articulate the lyrical content of frustration and conveying the mental struggle to overcome adversity.

If you have a vision that you're trying to explain in video or film please let us know!

- Gavin

beach viper - "I shall return"

Check out the new single from Beach Viper: "I Shall Return"!  This is an epic classic metal song dedicated to the heroic battle at the Battle of Leyte led by U.S. General Douglas MacArthur during the Pacific Campaign of World War 2. 

bleed the fifth - bleed the fifth

It's here!  The heavy hitting single from none other than Bleed the Fifth! An excellent band out of Phoenix drops this new banger titled after the band, "Bleed the Fifth". Prepare for brutally epic metal that takes no prisoners! 

Recorded at Steampunk Audio Labs in Phoenix, AZ

Lyric video by Gavin Donnelly of Soundphoria.  Interested in a lyric video for your band?  Look no further!

Toy called god - eleanor rigby

Check out this awesome cover of "Eleanor Rigby" by Toy Called God!  They do the classic justice with a great use of modern heaviness.  Looking to bring your lyrics to life?  Contact us!

Miles to Nowhere - "Skies"

Bringing together the upbeat punk with the catchy hooks, we wanted to make sure we had a fun visual experience to compliment this very excellent song by Miles to Nowhere.

Ready for your lyric video? 

 Let us know!

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